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After 25 years of working for others, working for ourselves, learning from the best and sometimes even the worst... we know what matters most is your "why".  Our "why" is sticking it to the man, living our best life, and helping others do the same. Every time we help someone mitigate taxes, protect their income, protect their health and build a better mousetrap we know that the gifts we were given are being used to their highest purpose and creating more opportunities for gratitude in this life. Happiness is a choice, and we believe that is a choice you can choose every day. 

If that is something you can relate to, then we are your kind of people.  We want to give you the tools to build and protect your own personal "whys".  We found a way to not only protect families but build legacies, create more peaceful lifestyles, and promote personal responsibility so why not leverage what we've learned? 

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